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CN-104304239-A: Method for improving preservation effect of Anoectochilus roxburghii protocorm-like-body patent, CN-104313005-A: High-stability lactic acid bacteria microcapsule and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104313888-A: Anti-yellowing oily leather resin for synthetic leather and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104315282-A: Improved device for rapidly connecting plurality of connectors underwater patent, CN-104316232-A: 改进的全自动玻璃表面应力仪 patent, CN-104317140-A: All-optical converter for converting parallel signals into serial signals patent, CN-104317864-A: Automatic identification method of information model based on IEC61850 logical nodes patent, CN-104320555-A: Image forming apparatus patent, CN-104321490-A: 具有防滑装置的挖掘机的回转装置 patent, CN-104322041-A: Method and device for content control based on data link context patent, CN-104322261-A: 一种月季高效繁殖方法 patent, CN-104332160-A: 信息处理方法及电子设备 patent, CN-104336072-A: Chemical agent for removing quarantined pests and diseases of exported potted Ficus microcarpa patent, CN-104339153-A: Automatic control device used for hose clamp screw fixing machine patent, CN-104340953-A: Mems device and method of forming the same patent, CN-104344651-A: Variable-temperature chamber of refrigerating plant and refrigerating plant with variable-temperature chamber patent, CN-104346253-A: 数据处理系统 patent, CN-104347245-A: Wire frame structure with coupling adjustment wire slots patent, CN-104355498-A: 一种去除电镀废水中重金属以及cod的工艺 patent, CN-104356843-A: 光固化氯化聚丙烯-聚氨酯低聚物bopp用水性复合涂层材料及其制备和应用 patent, CN-104363334-A: Method for controlling real-time conversation through audio play device patent, CN-104363725-A: Electronics shell decoration with two-side three-dimensional texture effect patent, CN-104374190-A: 一种烧结炉 patent, CN-104374474-A: 一种高精度紫外光谱辐照度测量系统 patent, CN-104375056-A: 基于电压及电流初始行波的变电站电缆出线故障监测方法 patent, CN-104378564-A: 智能电视自动调节音量方法 patent, CN-104379279-A: Nickel metal powder and process for producing nickel metal powder patent, CN-104379417-A: 用于车辆的雨刷设备的雨刮片、雨刷臂及连接机构 patent, CN-104384542-A: 排刀车床双联刀座 patent, CN-104388764-A: High-entropy alloy reinforced aluminum-based composite material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104389227-A: Blind hole pressing part for papermaking patent, CN-104390816-A: 改进的空气取样系统 patent, CN-104392923-A: Manufacturing method of heterojunction bipolar transistor patent, CN-104393024-A: Oled像素结构及其制备方法、紫外光检测方法和装置 patent, CN-104395966-A: Memory cell sensing patent, CN-104399916-A: Offline rapid arc-aligning method for movable segment of arc-shaped billet continuous casting machine patent, CN-104400349-A: Manufacturing technology of torsion bar spring patent, CN-104423653-A: 计算机输入设备 patent, CN-104434818-A: 一种注射用盐酸柔红霉素 patent, CN-104435785-A: 一种用于治疗睡眠障碍的中药组合物、制备方法及用途 patent, CN-104441872-A: Light-weight organic glass patent, CN-104443404-A: 一种飞行器的s形进气道结构 patent, CN-104452144-A: Production equipment and manufacturing technology for mercerizing and sizing yarns of warp beam patent, CN-104453959-A: 一种巷道围岩喷锚网支护方法 patent, CN-104460410-A: Intelligent controller for oil pumping unit patent, CN-104463953-A: 基于惯性测量单元与rgb-d传感器的三维重建方法 patent, CN-104469393-A: 获取云端模拟器音频的方法和系统 patent, CN-104472746-A: Processing method of camellia nitidissima chi health tea patent, CN-104476269-A: 一种专用于铣倒挡拨叉上下平面的夹紧机构 patent, CN-104476878-A: Flexible self-adhesive thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof coil material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104479064-A: Reversed-phase demulsifier for treating produced fluid from polymer flooding and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104489136-A: 野生石崖茶的加工方法 patent, CN-104489716-A: Health preparation capable of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases of human body and production method of health preparation patent, CN-104489858-A: 一种油茶青果脱壳机 patent, CN-104493111-A: Twin integrated half water-cooled steel ingot mold and production method thereof patent, CN-104494105-A: 一种挤出机螺杆机筒 patent, CN-104500281-A: 一种内燃机废气再循环闭环控制系统及控制方法 patent, CN-104501597-A: 可称重高温炉 patent, CN-104501791-A: Novel north seeker patent, CN-104505276-A: 三电源电动操作机构 patent, CN-104512656-A: Container underframe and gooseneck tunnel structure of container patent, CN-104515377-A: 三级双半轴内冷却装置 patent, CN-104516049-A: 线状发光体 patent, CN-104522719-A: 一种芝麻腊肠的制作方法 patent, CN-104525400-A: Rod-like structure with water outlet switched between front end and rear end patent, CN-104534942-A: Firework cylinder manufacturing method and production equipment patent, CN-104548328-A: 微创局部放疗机器人装置 patent, CN-104551475-A: 一种利用旋转可控式连杆机构进行焊接施工的方法 patent, CN-104562856-A: Coated white cardboard for heat seal as well as production and processing method and packaging paper patent, CN-104563919-A: Power catwalk pipe column measuring and controlling device and power catwalk pipe column measuring and controlling method patent, CN-104565864-A: 一种组合灯具 patent, CN-104571904-A: Information processing method and electronic equipment patent, CN-104572474-A: 一种基于动态切片的轻量级错误定位技术实现方法 patent, CN-104573529-A: 一种bios固件的划分、更新方法和系统 patent, CN-104576467-A: 一种快速装载sop芯片的模具 patent, CN-104579824-A: Uplink and downlink communication test system for electricity utilization information acquisition terminal patent, CN-104584582-A: 设备控制装置、设备控制方法以及程序 patent, CN-104590956-A: 一种基于射频发送的电梯刷卡系统 patent, CN-104591100-A: 膜分离法利用磷石膏制备硫酸的方法 patent, CN-104591393-A: 一种确定生态过滤带设置的方法和系统 patent, CN-104593640-A: 一种用于热障涂层的含多种活性元素的粘结层材料 patent, CN-104594098-A: Tearing tape for severing a paper web in a papermaking installation patent, CN-104600925-A: Epoxy potting assisting fixture patent, CN-104602174-A: Four-path audio output system based on eight-bit single chip microcomputer patent, CN-104615710-A: Electronic map frame data updating method patent, CN-104615983-A: 基于递归神经网络和人体骨架运动序列的行为识别方法 patent, CN-104616315-A: Real-time detection system for illegally lengthened vehicle patent, CN-104620216-A: Boot state restore from nonvolatile bitcell array patent, CN-104624762-A: 阀门膜片生产设备 patent, CN-104628038-A: Fluorination technology for recovering fluorine gas patent, CN-104633445-A: Free gyroscope structure for allowing fluid to pass patent, CN-104633458-A: Real-time online cavitation monitoring and warning system and real-time online cavitation monitoring and warning method for water pump of thermal power station patent, CN-104637088-A: 一种对智能家电实现3d图形虚拟管控系统及其实现方法 patent, CN-104647486-A: Board jointing machine patent, CN-104652340-A: Antiskid snow-sweeper with air pipe driven by engine with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) mini-type gas tank patent, CN-104657087-A: Virtual disk mapping method, device and system patent, CN-104657580-A: 用于捕捉球形照明设备的三维摄影照明的方法和系统 patent, CN-104658415-A: Merchandise anti-counterfeit method and anti-counterfeit clothing hanging tag patent, CN-104661697-A: 具有磁性地支撑的衬垫的呼吸面罩 patent, CN-104674330-A: Electroplating zero-wastewater emission engineering technology patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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